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Automation Drives Agility at ZIM Shipping
Yehuda Sinay, Head of Global Shared Services Program, ZIM Shipping, describes how TCS consolidated and automated the company’s business processes. This improved operational performance, business agility, and customer service.
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Zim Integrated Shipping Services One of the largest cargo shipping companies globally
Travel, Transportation & Hospitality
Business Operations Process Transformation

Experience Results

TCS’ automation and process consolidation have served as the key to better operational performance. ZIM is now able to close financial transactions faster and more efficiently, and meet shipment related SLAs due to timely and accurate completion of paperwork.

Experience Partnership

With greater business process agility, ZIM executes business decisions more effectively, resulting in better customer service.

Experience Leadership

“TCS is a very strong player in providing shipping and logistics specific business process services. This has helped us to be agile in our business planning and execution.” – Yehuda Sinay

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