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Capitec Bank Extends Services to the Unbanked

TCS BaNCS for Core Banking enables Capitec Bank to grow customer base to 5.4 million

Capitec Bank
Core Banking


Capitec Bank needed a scalable platform to deliver low-cost, easy-to-use banking products.

With roughly 30% of South Africa’s population lacking access to affordable retail banking services , Capitec Bank sensed an opportunity to expand its customer base. For this, the bank needed to create a paperless transaction environment to offer low-cost value-added services. The banking major chose to partner with TCS BaNCS to implement a digital core banking platform capable of automating an array of back- and front-office functions while supporting cashless branches and mobile terminals.


Capitec Bank rolls out paperless operations with TCS BaNCS for Core Banking.

Capitec Bank implemented TCS BaNCS for Core Banking to manage the full cycle of banking processes while complying with local industry regulations.  This multi-channel, multilingual, and multi-currency platform enabled real-time processing – allowing back office functions to be managed from a central facility and reducing the need to maintain IT infrastructure at different branch locations. It also allowed the South African retail banking major to improve customer experience by establishing an intuitive web portal through which end-users can execute transfers and view account details. The TCS BaNCS based platform enabled Capitec to:

  • Create cashless branches by using ATMs for instantaneous withdrawals and deposits

  • Set up mobile terminals for delivering products and services, anytime, anywhere

  • Develop powerful customer relationship management and reporting capabilities

  • Launch supermarket balance readers and other innovation services

“Our collaboration with TCS BaNCS was fundamental in focusing on low-cost real-time delivery of services.” – Carl Fisher, Head of Marketing and Corporate Affairs, Capitec Bank



Capitec Bank expands customer base while reducing TCO and minimizing operational overhead.

Backed by TCS BaNCS for Core Banking, Capitec Bank has been able to:

  • Expand customer base to over 5.4 million by extending banking services to the unbanked population

  • Experience faster return on investment

  • Integrate all front-, middle-, and back-office operations

  • Ensure 24/7 availability of all banking services


real-time, event-driven transaction processing


fees for card transactions at POS


mobile banking terminals launched to deliver products and service in real time


new customers added month on month

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