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SBI builds the largest homogenous banking network
A Krishna Kumar, Deputy Managing Director of Information Technology, State Bank of India, elaborates on how TCS BaNCS helped SBI create the world’s largest homogenous banking network with its centralized core banking implementation.
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Core Banking

Experience Results

State Bank of India (SBI), the oldest and largest bank in India, needed a centralized core system. Kumar talks about how choosing TCS BaNCS was the right decision as their business growth doubled after few years of the completion of migration on to the TCS BaNCS and also the successful launch of their new mobile banking platform.

Experience Partnership

Kumar believes that TCS’s pliability and commitment to the needs of the bank is commendable. To the extent where SBI, after the triumphed implementation of the TCS BaNCS for its 3,300 branches, decided to extend the project to all their affiliated bank branches which is more than 14,600. 

Experience Leadership

SBI achieved its goal of offering its full range of products and services to all its branches and customers, spreading economic growth to rural areas and providing financial inclusion for all of India’s citizens.

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