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November 28, 2018

When New Year’s Day 2019 arrives, businesses around the world will have spent $1.1 trillion1 on digital transformation in 2018, for both the technologies and the consulting services that enable companies to get value from them. That’s what IDC estimates, and no matter how you look at it, it’s a lot of money. Moreover, it’s 17% more than they spent last year.

Much of that spending will have gone toward improving the customer experience at firms ranging from giant retailers such as Target and Walmart, to theme park and cruise line operators such as Disney and Carnival, and even your local bank branch and fast food chain restaurant. We know first-hand about what it’s like to improve the experiences that our clients give their customers – the digital and non-digital ways they let them buy, use, and get help in using their products and services.

And that feverish level of interest using Business 4.0 technologies to reinvent the customer experience has also fueled something else: significant investments by firms like ours in the places where we bring current and prospective clients, business partners, employees, market influencers (such as research analysts and journalists), and others to meet with us.

It’s ironic when you think about it this way: as we help companies create more digital and virtual experiences with their customers, employees, and business partners, it’s become essential to design the right spaces to create those digital experiences.

But TCS has been paying great attention to its workspaces since 1981, when we opened our first R&D lab2 in Pune. The design of such spaces has been paramount in our more than tenfold growth in annual revenue since 2010. We have added many more research and client centers over the years since then, located in cities from Cincinnati to Chennai. They have helped us to show clients how we’re different, where our expertise is deeper, what kinds of things we’re helping others accomplish, and what we could do for them.

Now we’re about to take that in-person physical experience to a whole new level through our TCS Pace Port™ centers around the world. We will be using new workplace designs and technologies so that people can brainstorm better, design better, and put their ideas into action better.

These centers will help us continue to design and build leading-edge digital customer experiences for our clients’ customers. They will also be important to win over clients and hear the best thinking from TCS thought leaders in the years ahead. This is vital for us.

Independent research from Information Technology Services Marketing Association (ITSMA) shows that executive briefing centers have become elemental to clients’ purchasing decisions. A study ITSMA conducted with more than 300 buyers of consulting and IT services in 2018 found that nearly two-thirds visit a company’s briefing center before making the purchase decision, and that 61% cited the site visit as influencing the decision.

Great companies have great brands. And one way they demonstrate the greatness of their brands to clients, employees, and business partners is by offering a great ‘when-we-meet-in-person’ brand experience. The TCS Pace Port centers will give us better ways to spark innovations with our clients, for our employees to fuse their ideas together, and for TCS to inject the expertise of leading academics in our thinking and work.

We can’t wait for them to open, and for you to meet us there




As President of TCS’ Service Lines, Krishnan leads Consulting and Service Integration, Cognitive Business Operations and Digital Transformation Services globally.

Krishnan drives forward the vision, direction and go-to-market strategy for TCS’ Services organization. In addition to fostering the development of new services and solutions, Krishnan and his leadership team, armed with expert skills and deep contextual knowledge of key industries, successfully guide complex global transformation initiatives for the world’s leading enterprises. 

Krishnan’s organization is focused on driving growth and transformation for TCS clients by spearheading and leading their evolution from IT-centric to customer-centric models which streamline and optimize business functions. Many of the world’s largest corporations rely on Krishnan and his teams to define and apply technology as the driver toward successful business outcomes. This, in turn, creates a path for TCS customers to create new business models and alternative revenue streams. By developing and leveraging best-in-class experts and offerings in Design Thinking, Consulting, Cloud, IoT, AI, Analytics and Enterprise Applications, Krishnan has successfully positioned TCS as the industry’s leading expert in enterprise transformations.

In addition to helping TCS’ clients transform their businesses, Krishnan is focused on upskilling and reskilling thousands of employees, building collaborative workspaces, enhancing the management of contracts and partnerships and improving customer service.  

This business transformation will allow TCS to reduce overhead and time to market, drive efficiencies, invest in people and skills development, focus on customers and deliver smarter, better solutions-- faster than ever before. 

With more than 25 years of business and technology consulting experience at TCS, Krishnan’s previous leadership roles include VP & Global Head of Consulting & Enterprise Solutions; COO of TCS Financial Solutions; Executive Director for the State Bank of India Group Core Banking Program; Head of TCS’ Global e-Commerce & Enterprise Application Integration practice; and CTO for Tata Internet Services.  

Krishnan, who earned a B.S. and an M.S. in Engineering, lives in Mumbai, India with his wife and their two daughters. He enjoys non-fiction books, movies and tennis, and he is passionate about promoting education in India’s rural communities.


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