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August 4, 2016

Located in the heart of Tokyo, the TCS Japan office lies in one of the city’s most prestigious districts that houses the US, Russian, Australian, and other embassies, allowing us to maximally benefit from what this vibrant city offers. Rising 12 stories above the ground and three levels underground, the TCS Japan office building houses associates, expats, and business partners, who serve Japanese customers, in the total floor area of roughly 26,000 square meters.

There are dozens of meeting rooms and meeting spaces of different sizes and designs on each floor to suit various needs. Walls and partitions have been eliminated as much as possible to keep the space open and make collaboration between different departments and teams easy.

On the basement floor, there is a convenience store where you can buy necessities and get your small errands done without getting out of the office. Located on the same floor are a spacious multipurpose space and a library area, which are crowded at lunchtime with associates.

Green initiatives
Energy saving is a common theme across TCS Japan locations, and various initiatives have been undertaken. For example, 20 per cent of fluorescent tubes are taken off in the non-office work areas, such as corridors, stack rooms, and common spaces. Waste is minutely separated based on the government’s guidance into cans, glass bottles, plastic bottles, combustible/non-combustible waste, batteries, copier paper, newspapers, magazines, used tea leaves, cardboard, cables, and so on. Further, efforts to reduce the waste amount itself, and thereby reduce the carbon footprint, are made through participation in food bank (donation of emergency food stockpile whose best before date is approaching) and other activities.

In summer, during which the electricity usage peaks, additional actions are taken to hold down the consumption, including the Cool Biz campaign (setting of higher air conditioner temperatures coupled with a liberal summer dress code) and tight air conditioning control (setting of air conditioner temperatures at 28°C and more frequent auto-off settings at night-time), as well as shutting down of hot water valves and turning off of the warm air feature of hand dryers in the bathrooms.

Natural disaster preparedness
In order to tackle natural disasters, TCS Japan has been taking both physical and organisational measures, including placement of Automated External Defibrillators (AED) on each floor, establishment of the Crisis Management Team and conducting its periodical training, holding of employee seminars for learning important points in initial response upon the occurrence of a disaster and learning how to provide first aid.

Fostering interaction
Associates of TCS Japan have formed various sporting and cultural clubs, including running, baseball, football, tennis, mountain climbing, and Japanese/western-style flower arrangement clubs. In addition to these club activities, there are annual sporting events (baseball/football/tennis) and social gatherings organised by the Employees Association.

Looking after the employees
Employees’ families being important stakeholders, TCS Japan organises various initiatives to deepen their understanding of the company. Annually held events and activities include an office tour for employees’ children and family fun days at Tokyo Disneyland, Tokyo DisneySea, and Universal Studio Japan, where employees and their families are invited to enjoy special shows and dinners.

As the country faces an alarmingly low birth rate, TCS Japan has both frameworks—maternity/childcare leave, reduced working hours, a benefit package, and more—and understanding and support of the boss and team for peers rearing children, and there are many working mothers pursuing their careers at TCS Japan.

Active CSR initiatives
In line with TCS’ CSR policy, TCS Japan pursues its own CSR programmes that are highly workable and suit specific characteristics and conditions of the country. These vary from volunteer activities in the reconstruction support efforts for the 2011 earthquake-stricken areas to sponsorships in charity running events and participation in local community-based cleaning campaigns.

The TCS Japan office clearly enjoys the megacity’s locational advantage as well as the comfortable work environment that facilitates collaboration.

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