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Holistic approach for automated cloud data backup, archival and recovery for AWS environments

Data on the cloud has become more secure, affordable and nimble than data on traditional storage platforms. Leveraging data from cloud, in fact, is now an essential building block of creating customer-centric products and solutions for organizations that aim to innovate faster to outpace competition.

Key to building a data success story is a holistic approach to map business drivers to a unified data service model that assures end-to-end data lineage, data quality and compliance. This will help enterprises move away from the overheads of on-demand data management to self-service mode.

TCS builds fit-for-purpose, future-proof data storage solutions using Amazon S3, EBS, EFS, RDS and Glacier making use of object, block, file, or other structured data. With business-aligned scalability, security and performance, enterprises of all sizes and industries can store and protect data across use cases such as websites, data lakes, mobile applications, enterprise applications, IoT devices and analytics.

Cloud Data Backup and Archival Solution: TCS helps enterprises build custom-automated backup and archival solutions with the help of native services such as AWS Backup or third-partly tools such as Commvault. Snapshots are maintained in Amazon S3 and older data is stored in Glacier or Glacier Deep Archive for cost-effective long-term data archival. AWS services such as Snowball or Snow Mobile are leveraged to migrate on-premise data to AWS cloud in one shot.

Business Continuity and Disaster Recovery: TCS helps enterprises achieve recovery time objective (RTO) and recovery point objective (RPO) for restoration based on enterprise business needs taking into account location and nature of workloads and data. The recovery strategies effectively replicate the data to the cloud or within the cloud. The solution can predict disruption and notify the business or automatically recover data based on customer needs. Various backup and disaster recovery strategies like backup-restore, pilot light, active-passive or active-active can easily be achieved by maintaining regular snapshots and data replication.

Advantages of TCS data solution using AWS Storage

  • Scalability: easy data scalability available on demand

  • Security and privacy: services such as encryption, logging and user authentication for data access

  • Redundancy and availability: multiple availability zones with data replication features; all base storage infrastructure is planned with redundancy, ensuring high availability

  • Reduced costs: a pay-per-use model enables flexible usage for cost efficiency; advisor tools can suggest how to optimize usage

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