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With the confluence of digital content, consumer electronics and social media, the communications and media, industry is facing several challenges such a scord-cutting, declining advertising revenues from traditional channels, and high carriage costs. Each ecosystem player is looking for ways to migrate along the digital content valuechain like content owners taking the OTT route,media distribution vendors adopting IP based delivery, CSP’s acquiring content creation capabilities.

TCS Solution

Some of our key services are:

  • Video platform development services: We help in content and media asset management, consumer analytics and personalization, micro-services, and advertisement management
  • Video assurance and testing: We offer assurances ervices for video playout and quality of service (QoS) and quality of experience (QoE). We also perform multiscreen testautomation for set top boxes, etc.
  • Business systems transformation: We offer solutions in billing and provisioning, personalization, and rights management
  • Video operations and monitoring: We provideservices such as video platform optimization, 360-degree automated monitoring and analytics, among other things
  • OTT as a service: We provide OTTcontent distribution services for live and on-demand content


  • Deliver targeted content, services, and promotions based on consumers'
  • Use consumer’s content consumption patterns to make video strategy
  • Deliver rich and consistent experiencesacross various platforms
  • Improve end-user experience through highly personalized recommendations
  • Offer enhanced viewing experienceacross devices and platforms
  • Improve videoinfrastructure for scalability and flexibility
  • Drive a market-specificcontent monetization strategy
  • Enable business models such as subscription, freemium, or ad-supported content

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