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Government healthcare budgets in developed economies are strained by aging populations, while developing countries face a huge gap between supply and demand of services. To overcome these challenges, they need to optimize medical infrastructure, reduce the cost of healthcare delivery, shorten lead times for capacity development, attract investments to create medical facilities, build public awareness for preventive healthcare, and set up effective disease surveillance systems.

TCS Solution

Our ICT-enabled solutions are based on extensive experience in automating large hospitals, integrating state-level medical facilities, and enabling health insurance provisioning for disadvantaged citizens. Our solutions facilitate improvements in telemedicine and citizen lifecycle healthcare with electronic patient records, integrated preventive disease surveillance, remote consultations to reduce outpatient visits, and higher drug supply chain efficiency.

Through our technology and system integration capabilities, we overcome the challenges of huge investments and lead time required for capacity building required by traditional approaches and solutions. Our solutions ensure affordability, appropriateness, scalability, and positive outcomes.


  • Improve clinical and diagnostic services

  • Streamline operations for effective administration

  • Integrate various functions for smooth patient movement

  • Proactively monitor health service quality

  • Improve resource and asset utilization

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