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HACH Digitizes Supply Chain

Driving efficiency through end-to-end supply chain visibility with Oracle Planning Cloud 

Hach Company
Oracle Cloud Services Supply Chain Transformation


Managing a complex multi-tiered global manufacturing and distribution network

Hach was facing several challenges with a multi-tiered, cross-continent manufacturing and distribution network. Apart from the complexities posed by a fragmented supply chain, the company had to ensure country-specific Globally Harmonized System (GHS) compliance of over 28,000 products. Disparate processes and systems led to convoluted sourcing patterns, hampering demand prioritization and fulfilment. Lack of network visibility and agile decision-making, siloed sales, finance and supply chain functions, and a reactive process gave way to poor forecast accuracy, excess inventory and high carrying costs. The client wanted to implement a global planning solution to consolidate its supply chain. 



TCS drives agility and scalability leveraging Oracle cloud and Transformation Delivery Methodology (TDM)

TCS adopted a workshop-driven approach to understand the supply chain and products, and enable common design consideration and process standardization. Creating a multi-dimensional data model across product, customer, geography, channel and work center hierarchies, . Planning process orchestration enabled business scenario planning, performance review mechanism, dynamic demand management and role-based simulation capabilities. Advanced and intuitive planning capabilities helped monitor and improve demand and supply planning KPIs, enabled multi-model forecasting and exception-based planning to make the supply chain customer centric and responsive. TCS expedited change adoption by bringing in education, documentation and hands-on experience that helped the client ease into the digital day-in-life of a planner and enabled smooth onboarding of newer planners. TCS executed the project by adopting the cloud transformation methodology and the program was governed through a visual project management process.

The partnership with TCS to reimagine supply chain has been critical to our success

Michele Van Krieken, Senior Director – Global Supply Chain


Enabling supply chain planning on cloud through end-to-end digitization

Holistic supply chain visibility helped establish global business standards and practices for better internal alignment and decision-making. Improved response to market demands and regulatory requirements enhanced the overall customer experience. Greater supply chain resilience supported COVID 19 simulation and scenario planning during the global pandemic.


On-time delivery (OTD) from 93.3% previously


Inventory turns from 0.2 previously


Mean Absolute Percentage Error (MAPE) improved forecast accuracy

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