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Unpaid Dividend Account of the Company

Pursuant to the applicable provisions of the Companies Act, 2013, the dividend declared by the Company, which is not claimed by the shareholders within 30 days from the date of the declaration, is required to be transferred to the Unpaid Dividend Account and the details of the shareholders, whose dividend is transferred, is required to be uploaded on the website of the Company. The dividend lying in this Unpaid Dividend Account can be claimed by the shareholders by writing to  the Registrar and Transfer Agent - M/s TSR Darashaw Consultants Private Limited (mailing address in the Investor Contacts section) with details of folio number (in case of physical holdings) or the DP ID/Client ID (in case of dematerialized holdings). 

The details of the shareholders whose unclaimed dividends were transferred to Unpaid Dividend Account are available here:

FY 2016-17

Second Interim Dividend - 2016-17

Third Interim Dividend - 2016-17

Final Dividend - 2016-17

FY 2017-18

First Interim Dividend - 2017-18

Second Interim Dividend - 2017-18

Third Interim Dividend - 2017-18

Final Dividend - 2017-18

FY 2018-19

First Interim Dividend - 2018-19

Second Interim Dividend - 2018-19

Third Interim Dividend - 2018-19

Final Dividend - 2018-19

FY 2019-20

First Interim Dividend - 2019-20

Second Interim Dividend - 2019-20

Special Dividend - 2019-20

Third Interim Dividend -2019-20

Interim Dividend March 2020

Final Interim Dividend -2019-20

FY 2020-21

First Interim Dividend -2020-21

Second Interim Dividend -2020-21

Third Interim Dividend -2020-21

Final Interim Dividend - 2020-21

FY 2021-22

First Interim Dividend - 2021-22


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