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Announcement of Date of Board Meeting for Financial Results for Q4 2013-14

A meeting of the Board of Directors of Tata Consultancy Services Limited is scheduled to be held on Wednesday, April 16, 2014, to inter alia, consider the following matters:

1. To approve and take on record the audited financial results of the Company for the quarter and year ended March 31, 2014.

2. To propose a Final Dividend on the Equity Shares of the company for the year ended March 31, 2014 and a Dividend on the Redeemable Preference Shares of the company on a pro-rata basis, for the period April 1, 2013 till date of redemption i.e. March 27, 2014 for the approval of the shareholders at the ensuing Annual General Meeting.

For more information, please contact:


Investor Relations

Kedar Shirali
Tel: 91 22 6778 9999
Media Pradipta Bagchi
Tel: 91 22 6778 9999



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