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BT Builds Personalized Learning Platform

Elevates colleague experience with SAP SuccessFactors learning management system

BT Plc
Communication, Media & Information Services
SAP SuccessFactors Learning Management Experience Transformation


BT wanted to transform legacy learning management system to improve colleague experience

As part of learning transformation, BT wanted to improve colleague experience and create opportunities for learners to develop skills and capabilities. The legacy learning management systems were not scalable and unable to provide multi-channel learning. Lack of seamless integration with third-party applications, mobile access and social learning was impacting colleague experience and made employees feel remote and disengaged. Further, the fragmented systems and process variations across business units were leading to admin overheads and increased complexity in overall data control.



SAP SuccessFactors learning management system helped improve learning experience

. Delivered on the SAP SuccessFactors platform that covers more than 170,000 users across over 70 countries, the solution is built with human-centric design approach keeping colleague experience at its heart. The empathy-based solution captured experience touchpoints in the persona journey and elevated them by applying industry best practices. The solution leveraged TCS’ hybrid agile methodology and show-tell-touch approach to accommodate dynamic business requirements. It helped to drive multi-channel learning across social platforms such as LinkedIn Learning with centralized reporting for data control.  

TCS’ standardized data formats across all integrations ensured that the migration from legacy to the new platform had minimal impact on existing integrations. TCS’ migration approach delivered more than 300 GB of learning content migration, some 15,000 courses, and over 3 million historical records using the Machine First Delivery Model (MFDM™). The solution provided on-the-go learning via mobile, self-learning, persona specific notifications reports, and other custom functionality that delivered modernized user experience and improved compliance.

"TCS' employee experience focused transformation approach helped us create personalized experience and improve learning efficiency of our colleagues," Ian Morgan, Senior Manager, Technical Solutions – HR & GBF, Digital, BT


BT employees now enjoy omnichannel learning experience with mobile enablement

The transformation of the learning management system has helped BT improve learning efficiency, allowing its employees to feel engaged and connected. The new platform delivered a smooth, personalized and colleague-first experience with omnichannel access across devices. BT has significantly improved the compliance and governance of mandatory learnings. The intuitive platform has been widely adopted and users have completed more than 300,000 trainings in just three months.

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