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With the commoditisation of lending and securitisation services and increasing customer focus on experience, it has become increasingly important for banks and NBFCs to use digital technologies to transform their businesses. The biggest challenges to surmount are limited sources of funding and alternate capital pools, that create a liquidity crunch and asset liability mismatch. To meet these requirements and reach newer customer segments, it is necessary to leverage technology, use data and analytics innovatively, and focus on creating a sustainable funding model.

TCS Solution

in a secure manner which, with blockchain architecture, is made immutable and transparent. The solution offers banks and NBFCs the following features:

  • Lead management, case management, sales enablement: Offers end-to-end lead management, query-response-complaints, pipeline management, conversational systems to assist sales query resolution using NLP techniques, AI, ML and other cognitive technologies for a seamless experience
  • Digital onboarding: Accommodates self-service and assisted modes of customer onboarding in a quick and paperless manner
  • Loan origination and servicing: Utilises the latest technologies for intuitive application creation, ML and statistical scoring and modelling for credit appraisal, and advanced analytical techniques for risk assessment, disbursal and receivables management
  • Collections: Provides real-time, accurate collection updates, allowing the collection fleet to take timely actions through mobility and web-based solutions
  • Securitisation: Facilitates the creation of loan books and their segmentation based on various predefined parameters; initiates rating of these pools via credit rating agencies and displays this information to potential investors
  • Insights: Enables loan portfolio monitoring, servicing and performance management of pool investments


  • Leverages industry-best practices to provide a frictionless, cognitive experience to the customer
  • Ensures data confidentiality through consent-based, configurable, controlled and secure data access
  • Is built on a blockchain-based architecture that ensures transparency, auditability, immutability and regulatory compliance
  • Enhances time-to-market and speed of transactions through seamless collaboration between stakeholders
  • Provides real-time visibility of the loan book through periodic credence stamping
  • Ensures appropriate value for loan pools is available to stakeholders in a single solution
  • Facilitates price discovery through AI/ML-based pricing and risk models
  • Enables increased focus on core business, freeing up resources through IT-as-a-Service

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