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QIAGEN goes digital

Futuristic e-commerce platform to reimagine customer experience for QIAGEN.

Enterprise Solutions TCS SAP Practice Hybris

QIAGEN needed feature-rich online channel to sell highly specialized products.

Customers in biotechnology tend to quickly outgrow traditional sales channels like e-mail and phone. QIAGEN wanted to engage with its large international customer base with a savvy and seamless online platform. They also sought to boost sales by migrating their specialized suite of products to a self-service web shop. The platform had to be convenient, user-friendly, and personalized while still supporting a wide spectrum of capabilities and the latest web store features.


TCS leveraged SAP Hybris to deliver an enhanced e-commerce platform for QIAGEN.

TCS tailored a transformative e-commerce solution for QIAGEN. For the platform’s essential features, we used a Minimum Viable Product approach. This included businesses and technical processes, along with key adoption elements.

Under business processes, we managed QIAGEN’s exhaustive catalogue, pricing and payment, and order processing. Technical processes included Hybris Commerce, PIM integration, SAP integration, Salesforce integration, user interface, search and search engine optimization, and account management. Key adoption elements spanned integration testing, documentation, support, and training.

Online customers grow nearly 6X faster than offline customers.

We used an agile sprint methodology to speed up development and mitigate the risks of a geographically distributed team. We also scheduled deliveries in incremental stages, and provided end-to-end integration testing, user acceptance testing support, 24/7 support, an integrated toolset, and training sessions to QIAGEN.

By expertly leveraging the SAP Hybris, we enabled QIAGEN to offer its customers a sophisticated shopping experience across every touchpoint.

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