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As employees prepare to return to office after months of working from home, organizations must transform their workplaces to create a purpose-led and adaptable enterprise. They require a comprehensive plan for safety, security and basic health needs of employees guided by empathy, engagement and empowerment. To ensure workplace safety that employees can trust, organizations will need to monitor their return-to-work readiness in real time, support data-driven decisions and communicate more effectively.

Further, enterprises will need to take into account external forces such as changing government policies, vendor issues and customer dynamics. Automating processes and using a command center with a 360-degree view of your return to work programs will be key to manage these complexities. 

TCS Solution

TCS Safe Workplace ensures a smooth workplace transition by monitoring the key criteria that assure a safe and secure workplace, and productive environment. It helps minimize the complexities involved in redefining safety protocols to maintain social distancing. Equipped with an overarching deployment methodology and a strong integration layer, the solution offers end-to-end services across advisory, design, implementation and support.

TCS Safe Workplace assesses the readiness of employees, workplace environment and the workforce model by evaluating various factors that ensure a stable workplace for employees. It includes a set of apps and a dashboard that supports collecting feedback, automates return to work processes, including contract tracing, shift management, and workspace planning. It also ensures that the business runs seamlessly during the transition.

By leveraging an organization’s existing data platform and policies, TCS Safe Workplace creates a command center based on a single source of truth to monitor key requirements — from self-attestation to contact tracing for employee well-being, and from communications for awareness creation to grievance resolution management. By identifying pandemic zonal hotspots and enabling fact-based decision-making, an organization can also proactively adapt its operations to avoid issues that may affect business as usual. 


TCS Safe Workplace enables enterprises to jump start return-to-work programs within four weeks and scale support to manage thousands of employees across various locations by leveraging innovative and automated digital solutions and enabling mass personalization of the health and safety indicators. Enterprises can use the solution to:

  • Improve employee engagement with an automated approach to listening and collecting feedback
  • Help employees find critical health and safety information 24X7 with virtual agents
  • Guide new hires and furloughed employees through onboarding
  • Organize and track workspace usage during shifts
  • Gain visibility into the status of sanitation tasks and highlight areas of risk
  • Manage COVID-related cases and contact logs to help make data-driven decisions

TCS Advantage

TCS Safe Workplace delivers quicker value realization based on our ready repository of tools and accelerators deployed on 100+ projects over the past two years. Our consistent delivery track record is backed by our subject matter expertise and TCS’ strong relationships with strategic partners. We continue to design new approaches for our workplace solutions with our dedicated centers of excellence for continuous research and innovation located around the world.

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