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Innovating for a Future-Ready Enterprise

Unlock Value. Build Resiliency. Achieve Sustainable Growth.

No industry or company could shield itself from the transformational challenges brought on by the COVID-19 pandemic, the Great Resignation, supply chain dysfunction, and high inflation over the past two years. These monumental events are happening more frequently than ever, forcing the C-suite to respond to one disruptive issue after another. We believe these challenges are big growth and transformation opportunities.

To successfully navigate these ever-turbulent times, companies  must accelerate and scale innovation with digital technology, collective knowledge, and culture. Only then can they unlock value, build resiliency, and achieve sustainable growth.

Join us at the Omni Amelia Island Resort in Florida (August 2-4) for Themed Innovating for a Future-Ready Enterprise, the 2022 TCS Summit, which will bring together thought leaders and industry stalwarts, notable headline speakers, and distinguished guests. This exclusive, invitation-only event will feature thought-provoking concepts and insights, as well as CxO roundtables, focused on the following four emerging themes:

Moving to Cloud 2.0

Having a cloud strategy has become imperative across all enterprises and industries. However, few have unlocked the full value it has to offer. Organizations can move beyond basic cloud migration and maximize the value of their investments by connecting their cloud strategy with data and artificial intelligence, which will create new horizons of growth and greater returns on investment.

Seeding the Talent Cloud

Accelerated technology adoption and the pandemic-inspired shift to a hybrid workplace are unleashing the potential of the global talent cloud. Developing a global, skills-based workforce engages people more efficiently, elevates productivity, and eliminates geographic barriers. The future-ready enterprise must be prepared to tap into the global talent cloud and utilize its benefits.

Fostering Data-Driven Resiliency

Today’s global supply chains were designed to prioritize efficiency over resiliency. Emerging geopolitical challenges have underscored the pitfalls of this approach. A data-driven approach to resiliency can help companies thrive amid disruption by creating adaptive and responsive operations and enabling well-informed, real-time decisions.

Sparking Ecosystem-Driven Growth

New ecosystems are being created to respond to the big forces shaping our economy and society. From the race to net zero carbon footprints to direct-to-consumer-based commerce, innovation in collaborative and multi-disciplinary ecosystems are driving the next generation of enterprise growth and tackling society’s biggest challenges.



Speakers at TCS Summit North America 2022

Connect directly with North America leaders and senior directors across the region. 


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