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Rebegin with #TheBigMove

Rebegin is an opportunity for experienced women professionals to reclaim a promising career after a break because nothing should stand in the way of deserving talent. We want you to put your best foot forward, and we cannot wait to walk the road to a greater future together with you.

Featured Jobs

Check out these featured jobs that are currently on offer under Rebegin. Click Search my Fit to explore diverse opportunities and where you could imagine yourself to be.


Accessibility Engineer
Job Posting Skills for Accessibility Engineer


Agile Coach
Job Posting Skills for Agile Coach


ISAM Analyst
Job Posting Skills for ISAM Analyst


Search my Fit
Explore from a wide array of enriching opportunities working with one of the Global Top Employers TCS.

Role and scope of careers for Women post pandemic 

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Rebegin Stories

TCS has always led the way when it comes to ensuring a wholesome workplace experience for all employees, and it is reflected just as strongly in the words of empowered women who have reimagined their future with us through Rebegin! Let us hear their stories.

Nasreen Shaikh

Nasreen Shaikh

Database Administrator

"Being financially independent always fascinated me. I am glad that it came about with the opportunity to rebegin my career with TCS after 5.5 years of gap due to pregnancy and parenthood. It’s time for women to get their careers back on track with TCS and be independent."


Neelima Pingle

Neelima Pingle 

ASP .Net Developer

"Working as a TCSer is a big move in my career graph. After a long gap of 7years and while I was happy with my daughter, I also felt disconnected with trending technologies but not anymore. I got all the support I needed from TCS to restart my journey as a System engineer."


Kilambi chitra Srivalli

Kilambi chitra Srivalli 

Systems Engineer 

"The time I wanted to switch my career was also when I had to take a break due to childbirth and care. However, as a career-oriented woman I wanted to rebegin my work life . And it is truly great to restart my career with TCS Rebegin in one of my dream companies since college."


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Featured Blogs

We have hand-picked some articles from our blog just for you. It is important to be aware of the world of technology at large and of where we’re headed as an industry leader — it gives you an edge. We hope the information will interest you, the insights will benefit you, and the stories will inspire you. Read on!

Explore Rebegin Opportunities

Rebegin your journey towards building a greater future with TCS. Discover a career best suited to your ambitions, skill set and interests today. Explore from a wide array of enriching opportunities here and grab your chance to work with a Global Top Employer – TCS. 

Click here to explore featured Rebegin opportunities

On finding the opportunity that best suits your skill set, click apply. You will be redirected to to complete the application process.

Don’t find an opportunity that matches your skill set? Directly Sign Up / Login to iBegin - Type your skill set in the Keywords tab and find the opportunity of your choice from a universe of exciting roles across various domains and units. Complete the application process to apply and make #TheBigMove.

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  • What is Rebegin program? 

    Rebegin is an initiative by Tata Consultancy Services (TCS) to provide an opportunity to talented women professionals to give their careers a well-deserved jumpstart and rebegin their journeys towards achieving their true potential.

  • Who is this initiative for? Who is eligible for the Rebegin program? 
    At present, this initiative is open for women professionals from across India, who are looking to rebegin their careers after taking a break due to family/health/education/personal reasons. Women candidates with at least two years of continuous IT Experience who have taken long breaks due to family and other personal circumstances can be considered under this initiative. The objective of this initiative is to provide an opportunity for women professionals to get back to the arena and nurture their career with TCS.

  • Is this program applicable to India or Global TCS aspirants? 
    At present, this program is only applicable for India-wide jobs at TCS.

  • How many years of experience should an applicant have, to be eligible for the Rebegin program? Can an applicant have a varying number of career breaks? Can an applicant apply for the Rebegin program while working with another organization? 
    Applicants must have 2 years of continuous work experience to be eligible for the program. They can have multiple varying career breaks, however, it is mandatory to highlight the duration of the career breaks and reasons while applying. The applicant can be currently working while applying under Rebegin program. The selection process will be completely merit based.

  • What is the hiring process for candidates who apply under Rebegin? Is there any difference in the hiring process? 

    Suitability for the job position and the TCS hiring process will be ‘as-is’ and in line with the standard TCS related hiring policy. Selection will be purely merit based.

  • How can I apply under the Rebegin initiative? 
    All open requirements/opportunities that TCS is hiring for, will be mentioned on the TCS Careers Portal. Candidates can check the TCS Careers Portal and navigate to the Rebegin section and can apply against the job postings mentioned on the page. Every job posting will have a Job Description and the required skills mentioned. Candidates can click on “Apply” to apply for the position (this will take the candidate to the TCS iBegin Portal, where they can create a profile if not done already and then apply to any of the job positions available). 
    Alternatively, they can send an email to with Rebegin in the subject line to apply. Posts on social media channels such as LinkedIn will have the relevant Job IDs, candidates may apply to them as well.

  • What is to be done if there is an individual with the gap/break & but does not have the skills listed in the open roles? 
    The candidate should check the TCS Careers Portal for suitable open positions and apply accordingly. These will be updated on an ongoing basis. Candidates can also send an email to with “Rebegin Query” in the subject line for more information.

  • Are there Part-time opportunities available under the Rebegin Initiative? 
    Please refer to the job posting for details on the type of opportunity.

  • Are these opportunities under Rebegin applicable to women candidates only? 
    Yes. The open positions that TCS is hiring for under the Rebegin initiative are applicable to women candidates only.

  • What is the validity of this special scheme? Is it only applicable during a certain time-frame? Is there any timeline by which candidates the have to apply to be eligible under this initiative? 
    This is not a special scheme but an ongoing effort to ensure greater inclusivity. The applicability is against open job opportunities which are published.

  • Can an individual with a long break due to reasons other than family circumstances apply under this initiative? 
    The initiative at present is intended to benefit women who have taken a career break due to family or other commitments only, and are looking to return to work. For example, if the reason for break is that the candidate does not have experience letters, then it would not be considered.

  • Can a candidate be referred under the Rebegin initiative? 
    Yes. TCSers can refer women candidates under this initiative. They can create profiles under the relevant Job IDs and can tag candidates in the “Bring Your Buddy” portal.

  • How do I spread the word about Rebegin? How do I share information about these opportunities with my friends and family who may be interested to apply? 

    You can direct candidates to check the Rebegin page on the TCS Careers Portal and can share it with the candidates. You can also spread the word in your circles by tagging suitable candidates in the posts on TCS Social Media handles (LinkedIn/Facebook/Twitter)