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With increasing dependence of business operations on IT resources, disaster recovery (DR) programs are key to ensuring business continuity. However, existing DR management systems are wrought with complex, time-consuming IT recovery processes, leading to high recovery time objective (RTO).  Further, companies are unable to align their DR systems to the rapidly changing business and compliance environment due to lack of regular DR drills and comprehensive failover testing. 

TCS Solution

by providing end-to-end services across consulting, architecture design, implementation, and support. It comes with a rich library of APIs that enables smooth integration with diverse technology platforms in a multi-vendor IT environment. Other salient features include:

  • Technology: Leverages Perpetuuiti™ Continuity Patrol tool for effective service availability management
  • Applicability: Covers web, application, and database servers, both physical and virtual, as well as storage and network components
  • Implementation: Enables quick and agentless deployment, and can be easily integrated with the existing DR solution stack
  • Monitoring: Uses a single dashboard for monitoring of the entire DR landscape and creates detailed reports for compliance and troubleshooting purposes


  • Minimize application disruption: Improve RTO by up to 50%
  • Enhance system reliability: Enable better DR orchestration of IT resources
  • Optimize DR workflows: Simplify management of disaster recovery automation
  • Mitigate compliance risk: Meet audit and compliance management requirements
  • Gain visibility into recovery readiness: Proactively monitor DR infrastructure
  • Increase scalability: Manage heterogeneous environments with a single dashboard


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