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A strategic roadmap to continuous transformation with intelligent solutions

For purpose-led growth, it is critical not just to align technology with investment goals but also chart out a strategic roadmap to continuous transformation. This process needs to be focused on business value and not just on adoption of new technologies. A design thinking approach, proven value mapping with industry benchmarks, business change enablement for accelerated time-to-market, and next-gen operations for enterprise intelligence are the essential building blocks for a business-led approach.

For sustainable digital transformation, these requirements should translate into five essential actions:

  • Design agile-ready business strategy
  • Map value opportunities to realization
  • Digitally empower the human experience
  • Build the digital core for industry and business
  • Create a future-ready business
Akhilesh Tiwari

Vice President & Global Head, Enterprise Application Services, Tata Consultancy Services

Dave Jordan

Vice President & Global Head, Consulting & Services Integration, Tata Consultancy Services


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