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Digital disruption is critical to grow and stay relevant in the marketplace. Accelerating digital transformation born of this digital disruption enhances a company’s business prospects, and it also has the power to redefine the industry itself. Moreover, there is a need for networks of cross siloed innovation to replace hierarchy-based enterprises to accelerate this transformation at an organizational and consequently, industry level. Developing digital capabilities and the ability to innovate at speed and scale serves to empower companies to and help their businesses stay ahead on the digital curve.


TCS Pace Port™ Amsterdam is an innovation hub that serves to accelerate digital transformation and develops creative solutions enabling an organization to focus on its business needs.

Using co-innovation, the digital workbox, and technology-driven innovation tools, we foster a culture of creativity, induce rapid learning, and generate actionable insights, all of which help customers to learn before they invest to scale.

TCS Pace™ helps to innovate, adapt, track, and build competitive advantage. A powerful collaborative ecosystem and serves to usher in a culture of innovation and enable digital transformation. When the Pace philosophy manifests in the form of a physical setting such as a Pace Port, it sees the use of flexible platform, comprising innovative methodologies, digital toolkits and other technology solutions.

By interpreting data and assembling components at Pace Port Amsterdam, we create capabilities that enable companies to embrace technology innovations faster and provide them a competitive edge. Our innovation setting helps exploit emerging technologies to develop POCs and POTs for quick agile projects.

At TCS Rapid Labs, niche technologies like AI/ML, AR/VR, IoT, blockchain and robotics help build rapid prototypes, cutting down on the cost and time taken to innovate.


  • Greenfield environment for innovation and faster digital transformation
  • Cutting-edge collaborative research to solve real-world problems
  • A real-world approach towards creative thinking and problem-solving
  • Future-proofing of business to build a winning position for the firm in its industry
  • Critical venture challenges solved via co-creation, co-innovation
  • Leveraging the power of a collaborative ecosystem
  • Remote collaboration with hybrid teams with digital toolkits

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