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With the rising global economic uncertainty and shifting consumer demand, the onus lies on businesses to improve products and services to retain customers. This often necessitates informed and swift decision-making by business leaders. However, the process is easier said than done as business leaders rely on historical data, past experiences and intuitions for decision-making. This impacts the effectiveness of business response with a lack of capability to predict deviations.

TCS Solution 

TCS TwinX™ combines cutting-edge research on artificial intelligence (AI) and actor model of computation to aid companies in simulating effective decision-making. The digital twin-based simulator helps construct hypothesis, model entities and test business decision outcomes in a virtual A/B testing mode. With insights based on behavioral changes of organizational entities and their situational responses at the n=1 level, TCS TwinX equips business leaders to accurately predict and simulate future behavior of entities for achieving holistic business goals. 

Want to elevate business results? Then change the way you make decisions with #TCSTwinX #DigitalTwin.


The digital twin platform helps businesses achieve the following:

  • Up to 10-15% increase in revenue

  • Reduced revenue leakage

  • Up to 2X faster time to market

  • Up to 15% reduction in cycle time

  • Enhanced customer experience

  • Minimized waste

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