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Mashreq Bank wanted to automate processes to reduce cost of operations, improve transaction monitoring.


Mashreq Bank had complex manual processes for transaction monitoring, which resulted in the following challenges:

  • No standard review approach
  • Lack of reliable system-based reports to derive operational metrics
  • Limited visibility on case or non-availability status of direct audit trails
  • Lengthy review cycle due to manual and multi-point access

Analysis and communication of breaches was cumbersome as scheduled actions required prompt execution to keep risk exposure to the minimum. Mashreq needed an automation solution for its transaction monitoring processes, and sought TCS’ support for this strategic initiative. 




TCS partners with Mashreq to deploy RPA-led case management solution


TCS jointly developed a case management solution, combining business process management (BPM) and robotic process automation (RPA), for Mashreq Bank. To begin with, TCS identified several opportunities within the bank’s transaction monitoring process operations that could be automated to increase effectiveness. These included:

  • Non-value added activities in the review process
  • Redundant and monotonous activities
  • Activities that are more operational rather than decision-based
  • Activities involving decision-based logic

The solution used bots to assist the statistical analysis system (SAS) for creating and checking previous alerts. With BPM as a core component, the solution has over 20 business rules to provide intelligent insights for informed decision-making. It extracts the KYC information and transaction details right at the outset for users’ convenience and enables auto-responses to customers when required. It logically groups transactions when there are red flags indicating sources as high-risk nations or tax havens among other scenarios. Satisfied customers can finally close cases within the BPM itself.


TCS partnered to deliver a ‘system in class’ that is not only efficient, user friendly and agile but also scalable and definitely unique in the industry.

Parthasarathy Balaiah, Vice President, Credit and AML Operations, Mashreq Bank



Mashreq transforms transaction monitoring process, makes its smarter and efficient


The cognitive solution helped Mashreq Bank revamp its transaction monitoring processes, resulting in improved accuracy, shorter turnaround time (TAT), and significant cost savings.




Improvement in overall process efficiency


Reduction in TAT


Increase in Accuracy


Improvement in referrals

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What Made it happen


BFSI companies are looking to move from legacy contact centers to a 360-degree digital approach, augmenting voice capabilities through omnichannel and self-service modules. TCS’ solutions help enterprises adopt data-driven and automation-led customer experience management.


Risk and Compliance functions are looking to drive intelligent interventions in information and control assurance as higher probability of risk demands enhanced controls for effective risk and compliance management. The TCS solution caters to the BFSI industry enabling compliance, driving automation and optimization of costs.


The economic uncertainty resulting from the COVID-19 crisis has made it imperative for banks to relook at their counterparty risk management practices. With TCS’ Early Warning Framework, banks can assess the riskiness of counterparties in near real time.