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With evolution of data as a strategic asset, BFSI organizations are constantly looking for avenues to tap into vast reserves of information for business advancements. It has become critical to know the role of data and its accountability to business. However, the absence of a well-rounded understanding of data asset valuation, and the lack of a scalable and well-governed ecosystem, act as barriers to growth. As such, a top priority for organizations is formulation of a strategic framework that can help optimize business processes towards creating new revenue streams.


The TCS Data Monetization Advisory Services (DMAS) is a goal-driven strategic offering that encompasses intelligent engines and frameworks to provide a comprehensive, clinical approach to internal and external data monetization strategy. Employing DMAS will enhance the capability of an enterprise to accomplish structured and systematic monetization of data.

TCS DMAS leverages domain experience in both data and financial sector to reimagine the role of data in critical business areas and exploit the potential of data assets.

Overall, TCS DMAS provides thought leadership to enterprises in determining the maturity of their data monetization ecosystem through comprehensive assessments. It performs multi-dimensional scientific scoring to help understand the potential of data assets to offer an enhanced data experience.


The TCS Data Monetization Advisory Services empower data monetization in an organized manner with a multi-pronged approach. The critical benefits that enterprises can reap with this unique service are: 

  • Get a multi-faceted maturity study of the enterprise ecosystem for monetization
  • Achieve contextualized evaluation results for understanding the potential of data assets
  • Enjoy robust frameworks for designing progressive business and data partnership models
  • Experience end-to-end data ecosystem transformation strategy to accomplish monetization
  • Gain in-depth insights into data asset health and holistic ecosystem coverage
  • Get scoring of data assets to highlight multi-dimensional value of data




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