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Financial players today need to choose between platform- and business model-based approaches to understand, explore, and eventually adopt blockchain technology. A platform approach requires multiple validation cycles, which increases the time required. On the other hand, a business-model-first approach risks longer conceptualization cycles, due to lack of timely feedback.

TCS Solution

The offering is based on a set of core guiding principles, with a ‘reference’ implementation.

A sponsorship model offers controlled onboarding of member participants and defines governance mechanisms.

Trusted and verified processing nodes, instead of public nodes, ensure solution integrity.

A distributed flat ledger with digitally signed information with controlled role-based access to the ledgers ensures privacy of information.

A simple, ready-to-use version of the platform is available for use. A number of PoCs across the business domains of value transfer, information registry, and digital notary have been built on the platform. Alternative platforms, based on bank’s preferences, are also supported.


  • Articulate blockchain strategy/roadmap

  • Validate and develop relevant use case details tailored for the bank

  • Leverage blockchain architecture framework and checklists as accelerators

  • Conduct PoCs/pilots on a simple, ready-to-use platform

  • Leverage partnerships and hands-on experience with market platforms

  • Implement projects with enterprise integration