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Automated document processing and data extraction



The increasing availability of data and information storage requirements call for the digitization of information to increase document processing speed and enhance data extraction. The increasing use of paper artifacts has resulted in the rise of manual effort for information processing, adding overheads of execution time to the transaction under process. Iterative exchange of information and the validation of its adequacy and accuracy adds further risks in terms of cost and delay.


TCS Intelligent Digital Extraction Suite (TIDES) leverages a hybrid approach to automate document processing and information extraction from documents. The solution harnesses cognitive abilities such as natural language processing, machine learning and computer vision in conjunction with OCR technology to make document processing and data extraction more efficient. It offers the following features:

  • Image pre-processing: Remove noise on images via OCR technology.
  • Document classification: Identify the document type automatically.
  • Information extraction: Extract information from structured and unstructured texts automatically.
  • Container-based technology: Deploy on Docker Swarm environment and acquire scalability of resources.
  • Data and document comparison: Leverage fuzzy matching and Regex algorithm to compare extracted information and documents.
  • Photo and signature verification: prevent security breaches via automatic verification.


  • The solution provides the following benefits to organizations:
  • Increase processing speed to retrieve information and compare extracted information
  • Leverage a hybrid approach to extract information from structured and unstructured data
  • Reduce cost of operation by reducing manual intervention
  • Achieve higher confidence score with accuracy rate of >92%, data capture rate of >85%
  • Reduce the risk of document errors or regulatory breaches

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