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AI-based analytics platform for improved investment decisions and data management



Investors worldwide are looking to enhance their decision-making approach by adopting an analytics platform that provides insights to make the right investment decisions. The lack of actionable insights combined with a strategic data management solution prevents investors from fulfilling regional or local data sharing needs. Further, the absence of data integration and a data governance framework impacts the investment decisions, also blocking the identification of alternate investment options.


TCS’ Investment Insights Solution leverages advanced analytics to generate actionable insights, improve investment decisions and identify alternate investment options. The solution, equipped with intelligent automation tools, acts as a flexible and scalable framework by fulfilling regional or local data sharing needs, provides end-to-end holistic insights, enhances portfolio decisions, and offers value-added services to customers to help them make better business decisions. The solution is integrated with the following capabilities:

  • Holistic view of investment: Get a 360-degree view of investments using ESG integration, Black Swan financial impact modeling, and yield optimization views to improve investment management.
  • Artificial intelligence tools: Leverage AI tools such as automated data discovery and machine learning-based data quality management tools to ensure access to correct data at all times.


  • SAP business technology platform: Streamline and simplify end-to-end data management for improved data distribution and democratization.
  • Enhanced portfolio decision-making through a holistic 360-degree view of investments.
  • Improved data distribution and democratization with streamlined data management.
  • Compliance with environmental safety and governance investment standards via ESG integration.
  • Integrated AI-ML, data quality management tools to provide actionable insights and identify alternate investment options.
  • Maximized return on investment via automated data discovery tools.


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