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Brijesh Chaturvedi

Domain Consultant, Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance, TCS

Piyush Anand

Relationship Manager, Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance, TCS - North America

Manoj Reddy

Lead, Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance, TCS - North America

Streamlining CCAR processes with intelligent technologies for better stress tests

The 2008 economic crisis put risk management in banks in the spotlight. In the wake of the crisis, regulators mandated a slew of regulations including the Comprehensive Capital Analysis and Review (CCAR) for effective stress testing in banks. The CCAR stress test requires financial institutions to ensure adequate capital to weather economic stress scenarios in turn facilitating forward-looking capital planning in banks. Though conceptualized over a decade ago, banks still face challenges around data quality, manual processes, and lengthy execution cycles in achieving compliance. Likewise, executing the CCAR stress test while considering emerging risks is an uphill task. Consequently, the focus is on CCAR execution, and not analyzing and applying its results. However, we believe banks can take certain steps to streamline execution:

  • Deploy a central model execution platform

  • Automate the overlay processes

  • Use intelligent technologies

  • Embrace an open modeling environment