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Shubham Jain

Functional Consultant, Banking, Financial Services, and Insurance, TCS

Sukirt Singh

Business Intelligence Analyst, Analytics and Insights, TCS

Fostering a three-way partnership between banks, HNIs, and startups 

The pandemic-induced economic slump is pushing banks to look for new avenues of growth. Additionally, banks are under immense pressure to retain existing customers while attracting new ones, reduce risk, and drive profitability. One route that banks can consider is funding startups – a segment known both for its growth potential and high failure rate. While banks welcome high returns, they are generally averse to risk. However, the high net-worth individual (HNI) customer segment is not averse to taking risks for increased returns. This offers banks an opportunity to create a new financing model — they must become a bridge between HNI customers and the startup ecosystem to facilitate the flow of HNI investments into startups. This model will benefit all the three parties:

  • Banks can tap into the startup ecosystem at minimal risk

  • HNI customers can fund startups based on their core competence and diversification goals

  • Startups can get quick and timely funding