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Selva Rajah

Senior Consultant, Supply Chain Practice, C&SI, TCS

Pinaki Ghosh

Supply Chain Analyst, Technology business unit, TCS

Reimagining the semiconductor supply chain with a services-led business model

Semiconductor equipment manufacturers require an integrated and intelligent logistics systems for effective spare parts management in a highly capital intensive industry. Non-availability of the right quantity of spare parts at the right time can lead to both customer dissatisfaction as well as increased costs in the form of high inventory write-offs.

Industry players can leverage automation, cloud, intelligent, and agile technologies to build a fully optimized and integrated supply chain. Such a supply chain will enable real-time planning, superior customer service, and reduced operating costs by:

  • Driving round-the-clock equipment monitoring and proactive issue detection
  • Enabling accurate demand forecasting for optimized inventory management
  • Ensuring digital collaboration across the value chain to increase transparency and throughput