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Migration to cloud 

Stevens Institute of Technology collaborates with TCS to migrate their application environment to cloud. 

The rapid proliferation of digital technologies in the education sector is challenging traditional operating models. Educational institutions need to embark on large-scale digital transformations and move to cloud-based solutions to better roll out online learning platforms successfully.

Recognizing this, the Stevens Institute of Technology charted out an elaborate transformation plan to migrate and extend their current application environment to Microsoft Azure Public Cloud. In addition to becoming agile and improving service delivery, the new solution would help the institute offer a superior and more personalized learning experience. 

TCS comprehensively addressed the institute's requirements and developed a solution enabling smooth and secure cloud migration. TCS also facilitated reskilling the institute’s workforce to familiarize them with the new environment.

This collaboration is a definitive step toward fulfilling the institute’s digital ambitions. In this video, Tej Patel, Vice president for Information Technology and Chief Information Officer, Stevens Institute of Technology, describes how TCS helped challenge the status quo and move their business applications to cloud with noteworthy accuracy and efficiency.