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Online services connecting citizens to the Registration Department


Registration service processes are often tedious and lengthy. In most cases, they are dependent on document writers or lawyers and offer no visibility into applications’ status. Citizen experiences suffer as a result, and Registration Departments struggle to fix these. In turn, Registration departments are held back by inefficient systems, forced to adhere to 800+ rules, and depend on manual fee calculation that results in errors, backlogs, and inaccurate records.


TCS's comprehensive solution digitally transforms all processes for Registration Departments across offerings like marriage registration, land registration, and company registration. The platform is powered by open-source technologies and is designed for high performance, scalability, reliability, fault-tolerance, and security.

Features like electronic queue management, biometric capture, digital signature, and online payment facility help deliver fast and intuitive customer experiences. Reduced cycle time (1/2 hour), status updates through SMS and email notifications, and self-service templates further elevate the user experience.

Ease of use through dynamic template generation, rule compliance, and integration with allied government departments improves the efficiency of the Registration Departments.


  • Plug revenue leakages and track fee deficits

  • Plan workloads proactively based on appointments

  • Maintain accounts in real-time

  • Ensure transparent processes

  • Eliminate unfair practices

  • Offer seamless user experiences

  • Monitor real-time performance of registration offices


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