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Cloud Governance is Key to Ensuring Business Outcomes

Girish Phadke

Technology Head, Microsoft Business Unit, TCS

Prasad Babu Pappuru

Solution Architect, Microsoft Business Unit, TCS

A robust strategy factors in governance at every stage of the cloud journey 

Most companies understand the importance of governance in IT; however, few have the capabilities to ensure the same for on-premise to cloud migration. Investing in a comprehensive cloud governance framework across the three horizons of a typical cloud adoption journey is what can separate leaders from laggards. A robust cloud governance framework:  

  • Enhances business value: Aligns cloud adoption with business objectives across the cloud adoption stages.   
  • Standardizes technology: Regulates technology adoption, which in turn reduces technology debt and streamlines cloud services management. 
  • Tackles security and compliance: Ensures security of infrastructure, applications, and data, while ensuring data sovereignty.  
  • Drives audit readiness: Enables stage gate review process for infrastructure applications. 
  • Drives cost optimization: Ensures high ROI. 
  • Enables continuous improvement: Allows periodical review of the reference architecture, approved list of services, security controls and cost optimization techniques.