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Rishi Gangwal

Solution Architect, Travel Transport Hospitality, TCS

Rajesh Nischal

Head of Strategic Initiatives, Travel Transport Hospitality, TCS

Transforming CX with information, interoperability, inference and influence

Connected, cooperative and automated vehicles and infrastructure will be defining the future of transport. To provide multimodal mobility management, digital transformation will be an imperative. Mobility as a service (MaaS) solutions will be driven by on-demand, frictionless, door-to-door and shared services across seamless transport networks. Data is the new oil powering multimodal transport services and presents enormous opportunities for transport agencies and operators. It will provide:

  • Most current, comprehensive, and continuous coverage of connected vehicles, state of network and services
  • Seamless and coordinated operations across stakeholders
  • Predictive and proactive planning and operations
  • Enabling efficient, reliable, safer and sustainable traveler experience