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  • Zions Bancorporation: Affiliate brands to share a single platform for consumer lending, commercial lending, and deposits 
  • Länsförsäkringar Bank: One of Sweden’s largest banks modernizes core banking and payments 
  • BSP Fiji: Run–Grow–Transform strategy pays dividends for successful South Pacific bank 

TCS BaNCS Customer Newsletter #31

The 31st issue of the TCS BaNCS Customer Newsletter is centered around how financial services institutions can benefit from living in a hyperconnected world. The newsletter features:

  • Zions Bancorporation completed its second phase of an ambitious three phase plan to consolidate consumer loans, commercial loans, and deposits onto a single core banking solution from TCS BaNCS. The first phase went live in May 2017, covering consumer loans. The second phase was completed in February 2019 for commercial and consumer construction loans. By moving to a single solution for consumer loans and commercial loans across multiple affiliates under a single bank charter, Zions Bancorporation has standardized processes and procedures, leading to higher levels of back-office efficiency.

  • Länsförsäkringar Bank (LF Bank) wanted to upgrade its core banking system to secure future business and meet customers’ expectations. The built-in system complexity was increasing mainly due to enforced unique customer development and functional and technical limitations leading to unsatisfying flexibility and time to market. LF Bank selected TCS BaNCS as its primary implementation partner, including a 20-year support contract. TCS BaNCS helped the bank to future-proof its core, launch new products faster, and integrate with the wider ecosystem.

  • State Bank of India: Dhananjaya Arvind Tambe, DMD & CIO at State Bank of India discusses the centrality of analytics in driving customer satisfaction and digital readiness in India’s fast-growing digital marketplace.

  • BSP Fiji: In December 2009, Bank of South Pacific acquired Colonial Fiji Group to form BSP Fiji. Together, the combined entity set an ambitious new goal: To become the number-one financial provider in Fiji and the region. Since the mid-1990s, Colonial Fiji Group had been using the core banking solution that, in 2005, was incorporated into TCS BaNCS. Based on that strong, long-lasting relationship, and the cost advantages, performance benefits, and stability of the core banking solution, it was a clear choice to move the combined entity onto TCS BaNCS.

Special Supplement: Quartz - At the intersection of industries