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Cloud platform with the power of digital core, intelligence, and open APIs to amplify business agility



Continuous adoption of digital technologies in all aspects of customer interaction is transforming enterprises as never before. Key aspects of this transformation include building capabilities to mass personalize offerings, effectively leveraging the ecosystem to bundle core and partner services, zero touch operations, and embracing environment changes with ease. To be able to do all of this, businesses need a platform that will enable them to automate their processes, integrate with partners seamlessly, and adopt new business models, in turn delivering superior experience to customers.




. With open APIs and intelligence driven event framework, it helps devise adaptive experience tailored to customer preferences. The fit-for-purpose design ensures a zero touch back–office; configurable processes ensure accelerated transformation and lower TCO.

Pre-integrated capabilities across product management, negotiated selling, customer and partner management, service delivery and revenue assurance, and integrated device, network and service management help CSPs and other subscription-based businesses to rapidly transform into digital enterprises. 


TCS HOBS™ supports over 400 out-of-the-box interactions across various processes such as concept-to-launch, lead-to-order, trouble-to-resolve, and lead-to-cash. It therefore gives a jump-start whether you want to transform your legacy setup or launch greenfield operations.

Available with flexible deployment options – as-a-service and plug-and-play, the platform offers the following benefits:

  • Business agility: Adopt new business models to rapidly deliver products and services
  • Value creation: Effectively leverage ecosystems to bundle core and partner offerings
  • Superior customer experience: Personalized, simplified, and transparent interactions across channels
  • Employee productivity: Ease of collaboration, complete visibility of customer journeys, insights across operations help improve outcomes


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