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Malaysia Airlines was under pressure to stem rising costs and improve customer service.

Increased competition, low margins, spiraling costs, and demand fluctuations were major concerns at Malaysia Airlines. Lack of standardized IT systems, business users, or IT vendors took a toll on their overall efficiency, and often required their employees to spend time and effort on non-core activities.

Operational silos prevented a holistic business view, and affected their ability to improve processes and serve internal customers. The airline also needed to migrate their legacy applications to new age technologies, such as migration of mail infrastructure to Microsoft cloud.


TCS facilitates IT transformation to provide an integrated service view of operations.

TCS’ proven track record with leading global airlines made us the logical partner choice. Our strong governance and service delivery model focused on outcomes, transparency, transformation, and innovation, and was designed to meet their future business needs.

We leveraged our 5D approach—Define, Design, Develop, Demonstrate, and Deliver—and our proprietary tool, Netasthra, to provide an integrated service view of their IT operations through a unified interface and a single touch-point.

This let us monitor their environment effectively, proactively reducing incidents. Netasthra’s Enterprise Service Management tool provided live data on the status of any issues, tracked changes using a Change Management module, and generated reports on system capacity and utilization.

TCS completed Malaysia Airlines’ IT transformation three months ahead of schedule. We have been providing seamless customer service ever since, consistently achieving and exceeding our service targets.

We executed a comprehensive IT transformation three months before schedule. 

What made this happen

  • Cloud business applications  
  • Cloud platform  
  • Cloud productivity  
  • Data analytics  
  • Data platform  
  • Datacenter   
  • DevOps
  • Security 
  • Small and midmarket cloud solutions 
  • Application development
  • Application integration
  • Collaboration and content  
  • Enterprise mobility management  
  • Enterprise resource planning  
  • Messaging  
  • Project and portfolio management  
  • Windows and devices  
  • Communications

  • Adoption and change management
  • AI and machine learning on Microsoft Azure
  • Analytics on Microsoft Azure
  • Calling for Microsoft Teams
  • Custom solutions for Microsoft Teams
  • Data warehouse migration to Microsoft Azure
  • DevOps with GitHub on Microsoft Azure
  • Kubernetes on Microsoft Azure
  • Linux and open source database migration to Microsoft Azure
  • Microsoft Azure VMware solution
  • Microsoft Windows Virtual Desktop
  • Modernization of web applications to Microsoft Azure
  • Modernize endpoints
  • Networking services in Microsoft Azure
  • SAP on Microsoft Azure
  • Teamwork deployment
  • Windows Server and SQL Server migration to Microsoft Azure
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