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Rakesh Ramchandra Darge

CoE Lead, Microsoft Business Unit, TCS

In highly competitive and constantly evolving business environments, organizations cannot afford to let their legacy ERP systems slow their growth.

Though cloud migration and a modular approach to ERP provide the flexibility to scale up operations, businesses need to integrate automation into their processes to make the applications future-ready. The basic tenets for building intelligent ERPs include:

  • Zero-trust ERP cloud platform: Verify and authenticate all connected systems, applications and users
  • Agile processes: Enable smooth switch and rollover between processes
  • Continuous accounting: Aid smooth transfer of data and improve visibility throughout the value chain
  • Digital ledgers: Implement blockchain-led decentralized processes to accelerate process outcomes
  • Business continuity: Enforce fail-safe backup processes, allowing for immediate human intervention when needed
  • Integrated multimodal interface: Include AI and speech recognition to avoid manual data entry

About the author

Rakesh Ramchandra Darge
Rakesh Ramchandra Darge
Rakesh is the Lead for Center of Excellence (CoE) for the Microsoft Dynamics 365 Finance & Supply Chain in Microsoft Business Unit of TCS
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