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Create seamless customer experiences.



Companies aim to provide excellent customer experience irrespective of whether the customer is connecting with the company through Voice call, Website, Email, chat, etc.

This requires

However, most enterprises utilize hundreds of applications that are custom-built, acquired from a third-party, part of a legacy system, or a combination thereof. Working in silos leads to inconsistencies in service.


TCS Unified Contact and Communication Solutions integrate business components in one system.

Key features of the solution include:

  • Customized IVR application development and integration: can be integrated with 3rd party applications to consolidate data in one system.

  • Reporting and CRM integration: any key data, including recent orders, account number, etc. can be accessed in a single dashboard.

  • Ticketing tool integration: allows auto preview of customer issues and complete issue tracking.

  • Business tools (Customer DB, Customer business portal, etc.) integration: optimizes contact center.
  • Tools development and integration: custom developed business specific tools like Auto provisioning, Ticket analyzing, etc. can be integrated to achieve the customer SLA.

  • Multichannel and Social media integration: customers get a choice of contact options—voice, email, SMS, social media, etc.


  • Integrate hardware, software, and sub systems from multiple vendors

  • Store customer data in a single, unified repository

  • Deliver seamless and omni-channel customer experience through integrated tools

  • Provide customized implementations with scripts and internal tools

  • Improve the system’s productivity

  • Harness data to manage creative outbound campaigns better


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