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M&S’ vision of revamping HR was hampered by complex, customized systems.


To effectively manage 83,000+ employees, M&S needed to transform their Human Capital Management systems. Aligning with key business goals and improving user experience for their staff was critical. But, an obsolete, highly customized, and complex system prevented them from adding new features and enhancements. They needed a one-stop portal with better accessibility and reliability that would serve as a single source of Business Intelligence for HR reports.



Modernize diverse applications and deliver a single-point HR solution.


With our rich domain expertise in retail and technology, TCS partnered with M&S to deploy a host of new HR features. We upgraded their Oracle PeopleSoft Human Capital Management system and implemented a dynamic portal called PeopleSoft Interaction Hub which acted as a gateway to several HR applications.

All HR functionalities were integrated via a convenient and user-friendly single sign-on feature. M&S’ employees were now able to easily view and manage relevant HR information and their personal data.

By incorporating Oracle Business Intelligence reporting features, our solution allowed HR data reports to be directly published on a standardized portal. We eliminated complex and cost-prohibitive customizations by mapping business requirements onto out-of-the box PeopleSoft 9.2 features, applying industry best practices.


M&S achieves HR transformation to realize its strategic vision.


We implemented a load balancer to optimize network traffic and used IBM Tivoli to alert and monitor, improve batch processing of HR data, and to maximize IT application availability.

By enabling M&S to transition to a robust Oracle database, we propelled IT efficiency, system performance, and employee satisfaction.


what made this happen

  • Cloud strategy and transformation

  • Consumer experience transformation

  • Enterprise agility

  • Innovation strategy and transformation

  • Next-gen enterprise transformation