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Krishna Chellapilla

IP&E – FRS Head (IP Filings and Prosecution)

The double-edged sword of rapid technological advancements, especially in areas such as blockchain, artificial intelligence, and IoT, has created immense opportunities as well as challenges in various fields, including patent prosecution. Examiners at patent offices have a daunting task of assessing and understanding the ever-increasing number of inventions, resulting in delays at the patent prosecution stage. Likewise, inventors too are kept on their toes by the dynamic changes in patent guidelines due to technological advancements.

In this paper, we highlight strategies that can help bridge the gap between the patent examiner and the inventor, bring both the parties on a common ground to better understand some of the key aspects of patent prosecution, and address any challenges that may arise thereupon. The strategies are:

  1. Anticipating the types of objections or rejections in the examination report
  2. Preparedness in mitigating objections or rejections
  3. Effective response strategies