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Muthulakshmi N

Entrepreneur-in-Residence at TCS

Given the volatile market landscape of the COVID-19 era, businesses are looking to make quick and informed decisions. While they have access to large amounts of data, they still face the challenge of extracting actionable insights in order to make business decisions. There is a need for businesses to strengthen operational efficiency, control costs and realize strategic goals. Further, in order to reach hyper-automation, enterprises need to have a granular, real-time understanding of their systems. 

This requires a straight-through processing of data from business events to balance sheets, radical changes in adaptive planning, and a Machine First™ approach to enable faster time-to-market, superior user experience, and business innovation. The end-to-end automation of operational responsibilities means that only the high-value work such as exception management and root cause analyses requires human intervention. 

About the author

Muthulakshmi N
Lakshmi is Entrepreneur-in-Residence at TCS, incubating innovative ideas into new business opportunities.