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Finance firm addresses security and compliance threats to organizational architecture.


A US-based leading financial services organization was facing multiple errors in their production environment, and therefore, wanted to enhance the security of its IT framework with a centralized identity and password management system.

The bank also needed to cope with emerging regulatory changes, rising instances of non-compliance, and productivity concerns, and sought a partner to:

  • Customize Oracle Identity Manager and seamlessly migrate over 500 apps to this new platform.
  • Enable robust privacy controls through role-based access and segregation of duties.



TCS implements centralized Identity Management and Access Review Framework.


TCS transitioned the bank’s systems in two phases.

In the stabilization phase, TCS owned the IAM infrastructure and analyzed the existing landscape to recommend architectural changes, bringing platform stability. In this phase only two LOB’s in the bank were using the IAM platform.

In the 2nd phase, TCS helped the bank upgrade their IAM infrastructure, and rolled out the latest IAM platform across the entire bank’s LOBs.

As a result we:

  • Streamlined on-boarding, termination, and all identity change management processes.
  • Enabled standard approval workflows and an access review platform.


TCS integrated 400+ apps into the new IAM system.


The next major challenge was to onboard about 500 dis-connected applications for access reviews.  and roll out the access reviews and provisioning for that application.

Our solution simplified vital enterprise-wide processes and established automated certification campaigns with a closed loop remediation process.