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The firm targeted 24x7 availability of its enterprise IT applications and infrastructure.


To deliver superior customer service, the enterprise needed robust monitoring and management of its security devices and systems in an increasingly diversified and complex network. Sub-optimal standardization led to challenges in monitoring logs generated by multiple devices and assets, and in triggering timely alerts for addressing any network issues. The prevalent network security setup lacked an effective mechanism for managing the user access management lifecycle, from onboarding to separation, thereby rendering the company vulnerable to risks around identity and access management (IAM).



TCS implements comprehensive enterprise security solutions to protect critical IT systems.


 to help the enterprise prevent unauthorized access, network intrusion and data theft.

Our Identity and Access Management services facilitated effective management of the entire digital identity lifecycle. We established a centralized point of control to swiftly manage employee access. We instituted a common password policy across all applications, and made two major changes at the process level, including self-service to reduce load on helpdesks and streamlining access approval procedures.



TCS’ attitude and services helped bring down security incidents.

Deputy General Manager, Head - Information Security


We deployed a vulnerability management service that included periodic scanning of IT infrastructure and web applications. We ensured maximum network security and intrusion prevention. Our security incident and event management (SIEM) services helped the firm monitor data traffic round the clock to identify security threats, by correlating events from log data collected from diverse sources. We provided data security services to help the company avoid information theft and leak.