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Nirmalya Roy Chowdhury

Senior Research Analyst, Enterprise Application Services, TCS

Leveraging citizen developers to proactively respond to market demands

Today’s businesses are faced with an unprecedented rate of change and disruptions. Businesses need to quickly innovate and respond to these changes, and supporting IT applications need to accommodate these changes quickly. Business users will not have the time to wait for enterprise IT to deliver these applications, and they will transform themselves into citizen developers and develop these applications themselves to have the quickest possible turn around. Here are few areas in which business users are likely to lead application development in the coming years:

  • Composable ERP for a composable enterprise
  • Multi-experience development platforms (MXDPs) and micro-app architecture
  • Self-service integration platforms and the API economy

With democratization of enterprise IT, the role of the IT department within organizations would gradually evolve from a provider to an enabler of technologies, with the responsibility to train users on the scope and limitations of democratization.