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For Pathfinder Sarita Mishra, the greatest satisfaction comes from supporting others to do their best and realize their full potential. When Sarita took over as Delivery Center Head at TCS Bhubaneshwar, India, she was met with people who questioned her decision because not many women opt to be center heads. But unconventional paths have never fazed Sarita―her confidence has seen her through change and challenges. 

LeaD’s ImaginAll leadership development program for senior women aspiring for higher leadership roles prompted her to move out of her comfort zone and chart the journey from being a Delivery Partner to becoming the Delivery Center Head.

Her innate leadership qualities of staying strong, focused, and determined, along with collaborating with others and forging connections to overcome barriers, have helped her succeed in a short span of time. 

Collaboration is a must; I’ve learnt that after having joined this role. You need to create your own support system because nothing comes readily available in your plate, be it in your professional life or on the personal front.
Sarita Mishra

Delivery Center Head, TCS Bhabaneshwar


Believing in others for the win

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