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​​Shaping corporate sustainability journeys​

On Wednesday, November 9, 2022, the Travel, Transportation and Hospitality Americas unit ​of TCS ​hosted a webinar on ​s​haping ​​c​orporate ​s​ustainability ​journeys called Towards PlaNet Positive.

Sustainability is gaining prominence in the travel, transport and hospitality industries; accelerating climate commitments have become a global imperative and the corporate sustainability journey is likewise evolving.

The Towards PlaNet Positive webinar provides crucial insights on the action that is underway, as thought leaders from the travel, transportation, and hospitality industries discuss and debate on the importance of sustainability measures in the TTH sector that propel us towards achieving outcomes that are ‘planet positive’.

In his opening address, Krishnan Ramanujan, President, Enterprise Growth Group at TCS talks about the best practices that the IT Industry should follow, the opportunities of growth inherent in adhering to sustainable practices, the investments that are vital for organizations to progress in this journey and lastly the importance of bodies like Securities and Exchange Commission (SEC) & Taskforce on the Sustainable Development to ensure clarity and develop initiatives to support reliable ESG-related disclosure and investment.

Michael Samuelian, Founding Director of Cornell Tech Urban Tech Hub in his keynote, touches upon the future of urban technology, relationship between technology and cities and how we can channel the power of technology.

The keynotes are followed by an insightful panel discussion featuring thought leaders from the travel and transportation sectors. Jason Birnbaum, Senior Vice President & Chief Information Officer (United Airlines); Alp Kayabasi, President- Information Technology (UPS), and Winston Victor D'Souza, Head - Customer Loyalty & Sustainability (SkyTeam) share their take on topics such as prioritizing sustainability, challenges that impede faster implementation of sustainability goals, the actions & investments underway at their respective organizations and in the industry, and their roadmap in the Decade of Action.​

Watch the webinar to ​​l​earn about the changing approaches, challenges​,​ and opportunities shaping corporate sustainability journeys in the travel and logistics industries.

  We look forward to seeing you at the event.