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Customers: The Cornerstone of Digital Innovation


February 1, 2015
As published in AB+F magazine

N Ganapathy Subramaniam, President and Colin Sword, Country Head, TCS Financial Solutions were part of the panel discussion on what banks can expect in the areas of digital disruption and regulation at the TCS Tech Roundtable, Australia.


Andrew Stabback, managing director and publisher, AB+F magazine


  • David Breen, head of corporate affairs, ING Direct
  • Ian Chisholm, director, Frazer Walker
  • Sue Coulter, general manager business transformation and IT, CUA
  • Kate Jackson-Maynes, specialist financial services regulatory partner, King & Wood Mallesons
  • Robert King, chief executive officer, Intech Credit Union
  • Hemant Kogekar, principal, Kogekar Consulting
  • Sean O’Donoghue, chief financial officer, CUSCAL
  • Omid Saberi, chief information officer, Bank of South Pacific
  • Brendon Seagar, associate director, international product, Commonwealth Bank
  • Ravindra Singh, general manager retail, Bank of South Pacific

Excerpt from the panel discussion – As published in AB+F magazine, February 2015 issue:

“The agenda for Australian banks includes growth, efficiency, and simplification – along with a strong focus on innovation in the digital economy. The cornerstone to digital innovation is to provide a single view of the bank to customers. “A single view of the customer to the bank is one thing, and a single view of the bank to customer is something else.” Toward this goal, banks have largely accomplished the goal of breaking down silos. The next step is to apply big data analytics and social media integration to consolidated data stores. Retailers have shown a particular excellence in this area, and banks have an opportunity to work with them as partners to apply analytics at the point of sale. Inspiration for digital innovation can also be found far beyond Australian shores.”

Read the complete article (PDF, 700 KB).


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