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What is the E-DeN Framework?

The TCS European Delivery Network (E-DeN) has been helping companies deliver on their services for the past 20 years. Some of our customers seek a partner that is present locally and which can provide tailored, highly skilled resources for specific technologies like Cloud and DevOps.

E-DeN ensures all our customers across Europe receive uniform, near-shore experience that meets their specific cultural, compliance, language and technological requirements. Furthermore, being actively connected to the global innovation and skill pool of TCS also ensures customers can meet their business demands, synergize with agile business models and tackle both current and future challenges.

The 6 Tenets of E-DeN

‘Closeness’ not only is sometimes better for business, but there are also real-world benefits to having a proximate partner, such as fewer language barriers and more operation-friendly time zones. Through E-DeN, TCS customers can choose the location that works best for their business from a number of available options, in addition to their own office space. These include co-located facilities, which are customer-specific centers that operate as an extension of the customer’s office, one that is dedicated to them and works with their team at the shared location.

There are also numerous in-country service delivery centers – in Spain, Portugal, Germany and France – that support multiple customers based in that country. Then there are the TCS global delivery centers, such as the hub in Hungary that supports customers from different countries within Europe.

We are also able to house specific competency centers in either global or in-country delivery centers. These centers focus on certain services, languages and technologies – making them a hub for developing competencies to further meet a customer’s need.

In order to cater to your business needs, we work with you to ensure the optimal combination of these capabilities.

Across Europe, TCS supports 20 countries and over 300 customers with more than 15,000 employees of over 100 nationalities. With this connection to the global TCS delivery network, we are able to provide a uniform experience to customers across the delivery locations.

To meet all the current and future customer needs, E-DeN is designed to be a highly scalable network. For example, a Swiss multinational pharmaceutical customer needed service delivery support for cognitive finance and accounting. They could have received support from our global center in Hungary, but they also needed support in Prague. So, TCS opened a new center in the Czech Republic with over 80 people on site, which now also supports other customers.

One of the strongest drivers of onshore or nearshore service delivery is ensuring cultural, regulatory and language alignment with the customer. The value of a service delivery model that takes into account the different European cultures and language requirements cannot be understated.

Not only does this enable smoother communication, but also helps prevent the knock-on effect of communication errors, which can have a huge impact on the overall service delivery. This effect becomes all the more pronounced in urgent or high-risk situations, in which clear and contextual support is critical to business continuity.

With over 9,500 agile practitioners and over 1,400 agile-certified associates across Europe, TCS E-DeN not only supports enterprise-wide agile adoption, but for those businesses that do, it also ensures ​rapid delivery of value.

A recent example of this is the impact of the COVID-19 pandemic. It has changed not only the way we work – forcing most people to operate remotely – but also accelerated digital transformation initiatives and driven a huge rise in the number of companies adopting agile operating models. These businesses need a service delivery network to match the speed of change in the operating environment.

No matter what happens, being connected to a network of innovation centers as well as the global power and talent pools of TCS means that our customers are supported well to tackle the current challenges and are ready to adapt to those ​of the future.

The E-DeN Advantage

In turbulent times, companies need to know that their service delivery will be stable. TCS E-DeN does just that. It is designed to ensure uninterrupted delivery of service and, therefore, provide resilience. E-DeN’s hyper-connected nature means that customers are provided with the security and adaptability of global TCS, as well as the intimate understanding of their cultural, regulatory, legal and technological needs as a local service. E-DeN is:


Offers the right combination of solutions to meet your changing business needs, thanks to a specially chosen set of locations


Ensures organizations can fulfil relevant regulatory compliance needs such as GDPR and Schrems II


Enables access to both the local and global resource pool, which helps you source the right skills when needed and scale as per business requirements


Provides a service that understands different European cultures and their language requirements


Supports TCS customers with their current priorities while also helping them prepare for the challenges ​of the future


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