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Intelligent Urban Exchange (IUX)

Urban analytics software designed to help build intelligent cities

IUX is a modular, pre-integrated software solution sold to partners—systems integrators, NEPS, telecom service providers, large engineering firms and city operations and maintenance service providers—to help cities accelerate their smart city programs, easily and cost-effectively, enabling them to achieve greater levels of social, economic and environmental sustainability.

As the world’s urban population continues to grow at an unprecedented rate, the need for intelligent, sustainable cities has never been greater. City leaders are challenged to address urbanization and deliver superior services to citizens across multiple domains—transportation, water, energy, governance and more— while managing limited resources. They turn to trusted partners who can help them leverage data from multiple sources and build ecosystems made up of citizens, urban planners, civic developers, and merchants to co-create services that promote innovation, sustainable living, and economic development.

TCS Intelligent Urban Exchange Software
TCS Intelligent Urban Exchange software offers real-time insights and next-step recommendations to help launch smart city initiatives faster and more cost-effectively.


TCS’ Intelligent Urban Exchange Software (IUX)—an integrated, cloud-based software—includes the IoT enabled, integrated IUX platform built for Big Data; pre-built IUX applications with domain-specific data models for transportation, water, energy, public safety and more; and a rich set of APIs for third party application development. The IUX Platform collects and analyzes historical and real-time data a wide array of sources—networks, sensors and actuators via gateways, systems, social media, open city data, and other data sources, structured and unstructured, internal and external—for real-time insights and next step recommendations to improve city planning and operations.  The robust IUX platform also integrates data from multiple domains— water, transportation, energy, city commerce, and open governance —for a unified urban vision, shared intelligence and collaborative city initiatives.

IUX is the ideal platform for city partners providing the ability to connect a wide range of devices, sensors and APIs, and applications. TCS  opens up the IUX platform for partners to develop customer applications that can be used in addition to prebuilt IUX use cases for ultimate flexibility and faster time to market. IUX’s Advanced Analytics Engine (AAE) provides the capability for partners to deploy their own custom analytics models quickly and efficiently with little to no programming required. It delivers advanced analytical capabilities for all available real time and historical city data, adding value to city open data.  

IUX’s modular, scalable architecture offers cities and partners ultimate flexibility with multiple options—As-a-service with subscription based licensing, application/module-based licensing, Cloud or In Premise deployment, online or mobile device accessibility—that enable them to buy what they need today and add future capabilities as needed.

Out-of-the-box IUX Applications deliver domain-specific data models—currently for transportation
and water—with additional domain applications to be added—energy, city commerce, open governance and more. Each Application includes an extensive library of use cases designed to optimize management and operations and solve real city problems.

IUX Intelligent Transport- Transportation & Mobility integrates information on citizen flow, city data and commute services for real-time insights and next-step recommendations that help city leaders deliver superior public transit experiences. IUX Intelligent Transport includes two pre-built use cases—Bus Service Planning and Multi-mode Transportation—designed to address challenges related to the city’s bus service and multimodal transportation including increase ridership, reduce wait time, improve capacity and utilization and optimize multimodal transportation. 

IUX Intelligent Utilities- Intelligent Water Management provides the comprehensive water loss management, predictive planning and goal based monitoring needed to reduce NRW losses with a number of pre-built use cases including: NRW Reduction Performance Management, Frugal Leak Detection, Network Pressure Optimization, Active Leak Reduction (ALR) Management, Asset Rehabilitation Optimization and Real-time Network Awareness—all designed to help solve water conservation issues, reduce costs and optimize capital allocation.

TCS’ Intelligent Urban Exchange empowers city partners, governments, and leaders realize the full potential of their smart city and e-governance initiatives, helping them achieve greater levels of social, economic, and environmental sustainability and creating an environment where citizens, businesses, and governments all thrive.

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