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Entertainment (Film and Music)

Current Challenges: Presence of human intervention between systems, inadequate digital distribution management, less than efficient supply chain management, higher production costs, disparate IT systems, supporting diverse applications portfolio, ineffective digital asset and metadata management, lack of online theatrical performance information, expensive applications and infrastructure maintenance and limited ability to respond rapidly

What TCS Provides: TCS with its deep experience across all divisions, technologies, processes and platforms in this segment focuses on revenue enhancement and cost-efficiency-oriented solutions and services encompassing digital transformation, digital supply chain and content monetization models for the entertainment segment.

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Broadcasting and Cable

Current Challenges: Shorter time-to-market, disparate and archaic broadcast management systems, ineffective ad sales management, inadequate syndication capabilities, legacy and manual rights and royalties management, inability to effectively manage multichannel content

What TCS Provides: TCS provides the capability to build state-of-the-art broadcast management systems or implement packaged BMS, develop and deploy syndication systems. TCS has long-standing experience of working with broadcasters in multiple application areas including digital transition and new content monetization models.

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Current Challenges: Islanded and manual publishing workflows, non XML-in publishing processes, legacy and outmoded applications, lack of robust enterprise class ERP deployments, increasing demand for flexible and sophisticated subscription management solution, inadequate digital asset management systems for production and marketing assets, inability to exploit the web 2.0 paradigm, inability to monetize the print publishing assets for multi-channel distribution, painful migration from print to the online world

What TCS Provides: For both print and web publishing, TCS focuses on editorial systems, content management, digital asset management, package implementations, subscription model implementation, application upgrades, BPO services, assurance services, portfolio analysis, consulting, IT infrastructure services, circulation and distribution management systems and collaborative content development through social networking.

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New Media

Current Challenges: New online advertisement models, growing competition, new business models, demand for social networking sites with new technologies, content publishing on mobile, portals for entertainment and learning

What TCS Provides: In this emerging segment of the industry, TCS provides services to exploit multi-channel distribution (B2B) for enhancing the consumer experience by using Web 2.0 and social networking. Our services span mobile media consumption, online advertising and long tail monetization.

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Current Challenges: Increased globalization, distributed games development, managing distribution channels, operations management, asset management, LAN/WAN management and security management

What TCS Provides: TCS provides high-reliability, round-the-clock infrastructure support for enterprise and gaming environments, effective models for distributed agile methods based development, business intelligence solutions for gaming, enterprise applications development, implementation and support, and BPO services.

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